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Inna Sleptsova – Senior Animator

Mobile Tel: + 44 (0)7 849 953 131
Address: Oxford, UK
Visa Status: Australian Citizen, UK work permit





3D / 2D Animator – Twiitch ( (Feb 2013 – present)

  • Rigging, skinning and animating characters and weapons in Maya.
  • Creating rig and animation with limited bone counts (11 bones limit).
  • Producing 2D character and VFX animation in Flash.
  • Traditional hand drawn line test to final rigged flash animation.
  • Drawing 2D characters, facial expressions, character props.

- Where’s My Water Allie’s Story
- Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights

Animator, Illustrator, Artist, Designer – 2D iOS / Android game
(Aug 2012 – Jan 2013)

  • Creating concepts for characters and backgrounds.
  • Producing 2D animation for characters and interactive background elements.
  • Creating the art style for the project.
  • Exporting animation to the final sprites.
  • Building game levels in the engine editor.

Projects: - Personal 2D iOS / Android game.

Senior Animator - The Creative Assembly / Sega Studios Australia
       (June 2008 – Feb 2012)

  • In game character, vehicle and cinematic keyframe animation across multiple projects.
  • Managing and creating animations for entire events during Olympics production.
  • Took raw motion capture data from athletes and developed it into in game and cinematic body and facial animations for London 2012 Olympics.
  • Member of prototype team to rapidly produce animations for project presentations.
  • Creating complex character and vehicle rigs during pre-production and production stage of projects.
  • Working closely with designers and programmers for quick iteration on Olympic events.
  • Experience of working on Kinect and Playstation Move technology.
  • Training and guidance for junior animators in company.
  • Exporting animations using in house pipelines, testing in game, bug fixing.
  • Agile team and Hansoft work flows.

- Stormrise
- London 2012
- Unannounced projects/prototypes

Animation Director – Nikitova                                                         (May 2004 – May 2008)

Nikitova provides animation services to the world leaders of the industry (Disney, Midway, Sony, 10Tacle, Bethesda, etc...) and as a result I was able to work on a wide range of diverse projects.

  • Joined as a Character Animator before becoming a Character Rigger, Lead Animator and then Animation Director.
  • Directing the team of 5 - 20 animators to maintain quality across all projects.
  • Managing animation team schedules.
  • Providing animation direction for cinematics.
  • Creating animation workflow and pipeline.
  • Working with VFX and the Modeling Department.
  • Creating realistic and stylized animation primarily for characters, but also for props (bipeds, quadrupeds, birds, plants and etc…).
  • Creating a great IK/FK character rig in Maya with several controls and weapon switch and stretch character setup.
  • Team coaching.

-  Character animations for Totems – (10Tacle)
-  Painkiller  Pre-Rendered Animations – (Dreamcatcher)
-  Character animations for Broken Sword 4 – (Sumo Digital)
-  The Pirates of The Caribbean II Pre-Rendered Animations – (Bethesda)
-  Ever Quest I, Ever Quest II – (Sony Online Entertainment)
-  Untold Legends – (Sony Online Entertainment)
-  Match Maker – (Wild Tangent)
-  Velocity cut scenes – (Visual Science)
-  Football – (Disney mobile)
-  Gauntlet 7 Sorrows  – (Midway)
-  Fire Fly – (Wild Tangent)

2D Traditional Animator – Borisfen-Lutece (Ukrainian Affiliate of Millimages) (June1994 –May 2004)
  • Traditional animator for a diverse range of animated TV series.
  • Worked on Millimages animation programs for Silver, Les Armateurs, France 3, Canal J and Fit Production.

-  Caroline and her friends
-  Christmas
-  Le Contes de La Rue Broca
-  Carlan Cross
-  Global Bears Rescue
-  Castle Of The Monkey
-  Lupo Alberto


  • More than 8 years of experience in traditional animation industry and 8 years in 3D animation. 3 years as a team leader.
  • Excellent knowledge of traditional and modern computer animation.
  • Strong character rigging skills for game and film production.
  • Good knowledge of 3D, game development and animation pipelines.
  • Leadership and analytical skills.
  • Hand Drawing, Painting (Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors).

Production level experience of:
- Maya
- Motion Builder
- Softimage XSI
- 3DS Max
- Havok Behavior
- Adobe Flash
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Unity
- Toon Boom

Additional experience using: Sony Vegas, Premiere, Painter; Alien Brain, Perforce, Hansoft and MS Project.


  • Course of traditional animation, Borisfen (Ukrainian Affiliate of Millimages) Animation school
    (Kiev)                                                                                ( Sep1993 - May1994)
  • Bachelor degree in Historical Science, “National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv”, Faculty of History (Kiev)                                                                  (Sep1992 - May1998)

- English – fluent
- Russian - native






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